Utopic: change is in the air

During coming weeks you’ll see a lot change at Utopic. Here’s heads up on what to expect.

Based on our users feedback, first there’s going to be easy bookmarking and later quick searching and browsing of saved items from you, your friends and people sharing your interests. The other new side is aggregation of all of your shared links and favorites from other sites to your Utopic profile. In addition the whole site will get a shiny new design, better navigation and easy to use content discovery.

Social visual bookmarking

The main new focus area is social bookmarking and visual link sharing. Many people have told us they are unhappy with current browser bookmarking and existing social bookmarking services.

Utopic will be the best place to collect and visually share all your bookmarks, links and favorites. We’ll provide easy one-click bookmarking and keyword auto-tagging of anything you find on the web. Be it any article, blog post, news item, music video or photo, a click on our bookmarklet or browser extension will save it to your Utopic profile and share it in your friends Utopic homepage feeds.

You’ll also be able to import your existing browser bookmarks or external services like Delicious, Instapaper or ReadItLater. We really want Utopic to be the best social bookmarking service out there. Let us know, what your biggest gripes with current bookmarking and sharing is and we’ll try to come up with a solution.

External shared links and favorites aggregation

Most of us already share or favorite links on Twitter and Facebook, like items in Google Reader or add stuff to our Youtube favorites playlists. Soon all of those shared and liked items will be automatically shown on your Utopic profile. We like to say: “You are what you share and like.”

We’ll group all objects by automatic keyword tags, so looking at someone’s profile you’ll see at a glance what the person is about. Everything on a profile will be also broken up by content types: links, videos, photos, music and so on. We’ll add many other external services in the future, basically everything where you either add, share or favorite something. Think Google+, Soundcloud, Flickr and many others.

New design and better navigation

Many of the features you currently use at Utopic are not going anywhere, but they’ll get a new design and easy to use navigation.

Our homepage will get better grouping of content from your friends, people you follow and your interest keywords. We’ll break everything into groups by keyword tags or by content types. At any moment it will be easy to read just about technology or about funny jokes, watch just videos or listen to music.

Utopic content discovery is not going to disappear. We will be giving more importance though to content from people you consider important or influencing on any topic. Thought leaders of specific areas will be presented much better as featured users to follow.

Expect these changes to go live in a few weeks. Hope you are as excited as our team. As always, feel free to share your thoughts here or via e-mail to hello@utopic.me.

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  1. These enhancements sound phenomenal – can’t wait to see ’em.

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